About Us


Waldo Pepper’s Hot Sauce is created with a unique blend of flavor and heat to excite the most discriminating enthusiasts.

About Waldo Pepper’s

I have been passionate about hot sauce for a very long time! In the Spring of 2017, I decided to create a hot sauce of my own. After some trials and error I successfully created my first recipe, (Chipotle Habanero). It was exactly what I had envisioned, a sweet, fruity hot sauce with just the right consistency.

I decided to share it with family and friends. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive! I kept hearing the same thing, “You should sell this Hot Sauce”. Starting a hot sauce business was not on my radar while creating my first recipe, but the wheels had begun turning for me!

Fast forward to the end of 2019, Waldo Pepper’s Hot Sauce was in 22 stores in and around the lakes region.

During the pandemic, I focused my attention on developing new products and expanding our hot sauces. I created two new products, Chipotle Ghost and Caribbean Heat.

So please try one or try them all, we welcome your feedback or new flavor requests!




Effingham, New Hampshire 03882