Waldo Peppers Hot Sauce - Caribbean Heat

Caribbean Heat

(3 customer reviews)


Spice up your burgers, chicken, seafood and rice.  Great for grilling!

Inspired by traditional hot sauces from the islands.

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3 reviews for Caribbean Heat

  1. Jason Fortier

    They’ve done it again another amazing hot sauce for the collection. An amazing balance of flavor and heat.

  2. Patrick O.

    Another great flavor with and added bump of sweetness and heat. The flavor is balanced but different than the Chipotle Habanero as the after burn slowly builds. Normally it would be too hot for my liking, but I keep going back for more! Great sauce!

  3. Rosemary L.

    Trying to figure out what’s the best thing to have under this sauce: Chicken, veggies, burgers…finally decided on a SPOON! This has a serious amount of “heat spice” but also it’s got some sweet mango & pineapple in there; it’s a complex flavor. You can taste all the different layers. They call it “Medium.” I think I’d call it “Medium-Hot” but it’s definitely delicious.

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