Waldo Peppers Hot Sauce - Chipotle Ghost

Chipotle Ghost

(5 customer reviews)


Spice up your eggs, burgers and chicken.  Add to your favorite chili, salsa or pizza for some extra ZING!

We cranked up the heat a bit on our flagship recipe.

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5 reviews for Chipotle Ghost

  1. Joe Kingston

    Hits you kindly in the front of the mouth….and then enjoy the pepper flavor. Yummiest. Knocked out a bottle in two days cause it was so good.

  2. Stash Durkee

    This sauce has got the heat and the flavor! It’s a perfect combination of both. I can’t get enough of it.

  3. Pete Ventura

    This is fantastic sauce, love it.

  4. Jason Fortier

    Excellent sauce not watered down like many commercial sauces. A good thick hearty sauce. My only problem was I couldn’t stop using it and ate the whole bottle in one sitting, of course I do like things hot. It’s a 5 out of five for me.

  5. Robin

    Amazing! A great combination of flavor and spice!

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