Waldo Peppers Hot Sauce - Chipotle Habanero

Chipotle Habanero

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Our highly acclaimed flagship recipe.  Spice up your eggs, burgers and chicken.  Add to your favorite chili, salsa or pizza for some extra ZING!

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6 reviews for Chipotle Habanero

  1. Bob

    Love it!

  2. Sharrene Henderson

    Chipotle Habanero is my new favorite hot sauce, I put it on just about everything! It’s spice is perfectly balanced with sweet notes creating a burst of flavor that enhances every meal. If you’re a hot sauce enthusiast this one is a must try.

  3. Jason Fortier

    The original hot sauce that made me realize a sauce can have both flavor and heat that don’t have to compete. Not overwhelming hot but also not overwhelming fruity. A terrific balance and a must have for my morning egg sandwich!

  4. Hannah D.

    So much flavor with the perfect amount of heat!! This is my go to with pizza or eggs

  5. Simon

    Hot sauce was never really something I bothered with until I tasted this. A very unique recipe and I can’t get enough. Goes well with everything.

  6. Patrick O’Hagin

    A lovely balance between heat and complex flavor. I especially like the sweet notes. I can really taste the fact that this was made by someone who loves hot sauce.

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